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Financial Planning
Search for funds!

We'll be working with students to help them apply for scholarships and financial aid.

Until then, like it or not, you had better start gathering the information you need for FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid. People hate dealing with this form, and for good reason. If you start at the last minute, there is no way you will complete it. Do you know your parents' Social Security numbers, or the date they were married? Do you know their net worth? THEY probably don't know it themselves. But the bottom line: You had better start looking into it now. Click here

Here is another site that provides helpful tips and answers for the FAFSA.

CIA Senior in live Q&A chat session with UC Santa Barbara admissions department.
High School Program
College Going Culture

A college-going culture builds the expectation of postsecondary education for all students--not just the best students. It inspires the best in every student, and it supports students in achieving their goals.

As you can imagine, the key ingredient in creating a college-going culture is a dedicated team of educators.

Academic Planning

Begin by setting up your College Board account, so you can begin using My Organizer.

Our Advisory periods consist of discovering student interests, creating college searches, and learning about colleges that match these interests. An important part of creating our college-going culture is turning students' thoughts from, "Should I go to college?" to, "Which is the best college I can go to?"

The process includes:

  • Preparing for College Board Tests -- SAT, AP, etc.
  • Planning for College
  • Finding a College
  • Tracking Academic Progress
  • Applying to Colleges
  • Locating Financial Aid

Positive recommendations are more meaningful

when they come from instructors who have gotten to know you well. You will be well known in a class of 12.

Personal statements

cannot be thrown together at the last minute. We will guide you in developing your portfolio over the course of your time with us. Students will complete the first major draft of their essays during the spring of their junior year.

A demonstrated interest

can only be shown when you have researched the colleges you apply to. You will set up a College Board account during your first week with us, and you will use it to research colleges based on your true interests.

We provide access to standard, as well as unique, extracurricular activities and community service opportunities.

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