Message from the Headmaster

Parents had been telling me for 19 years that they want a non-religious, private, high school with high academic standards that doesn't cost $30,000.00 per year. Fortunately, this is why the research and prepration had already been done when the time came for Cambrian Academy to open its doors in late October of 2008. And here it is... But it's about much more than value. For me, it will always be about providing quality education. Providing such an education at such a reasonable price allows for more opportunities for more college-bound students. In fact, I will be providing some scholarships and matching funds for deserving students whose parents can't quite afford it.

Our mission is to prepare our students to enter the universities of their choice; to prepare them to acquire the knowledge, skills, and character to enjoy happy, productive lives.

To accomplish this mission, I am working non-stop to identify and recruit the best teachers and staff. Cambrian Academy is a team with a shared vision, and we are all working toward a single purpose. This distinguishes us from the others.

To accomplish this mission, I've been spearheading the development of a no-nonsense curriculum. Our College Prep curriculum is designed to meet and exceed the University of California's A to G requirements. In addition, we strive to maintain a strong unifying conceptual framework to impart a mental prowess and strength of conviction that will remain intact beyond the college years. This distinguishes us from the others.

To accomplish this mission, our team will remain creative and flexible in our approach. For example, we have integrated sports and academics in a way that has been very well received. Our program for golfers allows flexibility to participate in tournaments without being docked for attendance and provides special counseling from veteran college golf coaches and advisors. This distinguishes us from others.

Our school is designed to provide the advantages your child will need in the years to come. Cambrian Academy has already received commendations that normally take many years to receive, and our students are already beginning to receive college scholarships ranging from 50% to full-ride! Give us a call to see how you can join us on this journey to educational excellence...while there is still space for the 2014-2014 school year!

I don't want this school to just be better than other schools--I want Cambrian Academy to be in a league of its own. To accomplish this goal, we will never give up.

Dave Delgado, Headmaster & Founder

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